Vincent Faust is a professional stage designer, painter and multidisciplinary artist. Over a 35-year career he designed stage sets for over 125 theatrical and dance productions, including several national touring musicals. He is also an accomplished scenery and backdrop painter, proficient craftsman, and owned a scenery and display production company for many years.

Design for theatre involves the exploration of form in a three-dimensional environment, and this is what continues to stimulate Vincent’s creativity. His three-dimensional fine art, influenced by the open spacial nature of theatre stage design and inspired by the open New Mexico landscape, is focused currently on welded and assembled steel artwork, sometimes incorporating found objects or recycled steel, sometimes in large-scale conceptual pieces for outdoor installations. His eclectic sculptural work is quite technical and can be both playful and thought-provoking. It is typically not figurative, but rather examines the abstract relationship between positive and negative space, and highlights the interplay of balance, tension and movement. Vincent moved to Santa Fe in 2011 with his wife, Elizabeth, also an artist.

Vincent’s work is currently represented at Sculpturesite Gallery, Glenn Ellen, CA, and is also available through this website.

You can find Liz’s work at www.redpaperstudio.com