Vincent Faust is a professionally trained stage designer, painter and multidisciplinary artist.

Over the course of 45 years Vince has designed stage sets for more than 150 theatre and dance productions, including several national touring musicals. He is also an accomplished scenery and backdrop painter, and owned a scenery and display production company for many years.

Vince believes the essence of design for theatre simply involves the exploration and expression of form in space. Throughout his career he has applied this abstract conceptual approach to his design of various creative environments, display projects and television newsrooms – in addition to theater.

Since moving to Santa Fe in 2011, Vince has also been inspired in his work as a fine artist. He favors watercolor, guache and pastel media for his two-dimensional art. His 3-D abstract steel sculptural artwork, like his stage design, explores the relationship between positive and negative space as well as the interplay of balance, tension and movement.

Recently Vince has joined the Board of the International Shakespeare Center in Santa Fe. The ISC is dedicated to making Santa Fe a destination for world-class Shakespeare related education, performance and reading-in-community. His work with the ISC includes designing stage sets for their productions as part of the annual Santa Fe Summer Shakespeare program.

Vince’s wife, Liz, is also an artist. You can find her work at www.redpaperstudio.com